Robin Easter Design has been in business for more than 25 years, which we think speaks volumes to the quality of our work and the great relationships we’ve formed with our clients.


Our clients tell us that we’re comfortable to work with. We take that as the greatest compliment. We believe creating effective and memorable communication materials is a process we work through together – you tell us where you need to go, we help you get there. We’re creative but not pretentious. Innovative but not irreverent. Great at telling you what we believe, but even better at listening to what you want.

Creating great work shouldn’t be intimidating or frustrating to you. It’s our job to translate your words, goals and aspirations into the right communications tools. It’s also our job to keep you informed throughout the process, to get your input, advise you of any changes and deliver what we’ve promised when we’ve promised it. Nothing about the process should be mysterious but, when done well, the results should be magical.